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Management: Companies

IMPORTANT: Please note that business and news databases are licenced for education and research purposes only and cannot be used for University business. 

Find company information

business laptopWe have a wide range of company and financial databases to help you research businesses in the UK and around the world. Most of the databases have useful guides and videos to help you to get started. The databases are grouped by type in this guide, but you can also see the A-Z of all Library databases.

You can opt to use the MS Excel plug-in with the database: S&P provide a list of FAQs to help.

Find financial information

stock exchangeOur specialised financial databases enable you to find current and historical financial data on companies and markets. Some require additional usernames and passwords so please refer to the help links which will provide you with the guidance you need. The databases are grouped by type in this guide, but you can also see the A-Z of all Library databases.

Do NOT attempt to change the password - it will block access for all. 

*Note that CSMAR is available via WRDS (in a limited form) but that the online version of CSMAR provides access to the complete database.

You must register before you can use WRDS. Please note that the database is not available to undergraduates. 

To find the analysts' reports choose the Investext tab and search for the company of your choice using both the 'company name' option AND the headline search in the 'keywords' option.

Analyst reports can also be found on Refinitiv Workspace. 

M&A deals can also be found on Refinitiv Workspace.

Private equity information can also be found on Refinitiv Workspace.