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LSEG Workspace with Datastream [formerly Refinitiv Workspace]: Home

How to access LSEG Workspace

What is LSEG Workspace?

LSEG Workspace [formerly Refinitiv Workspace] provides access to company financial data and economic indicators as well as news, analytics and productivity tools. The database incorporates both Datastream/Eikon and which were previously on separate platforms. Datastream’s Excel Add-in (not available for Mac users) allows you to create datasheets with different variables, both static and time series, edit and analyse the results or upload on to analytics software. Thomson Reuters functionality and data which was previously accessible via Thomson One, such as mergers and acquisitions, ownership and private equity is now available in LSEG Workspace. LSEG Workspace provides current and historical coverage of data for international companies dating back to the 1960s. It includes company accounts and ratios, equity and capital market data, interest and exchange rate data, plus economic and industrial statistics.

Please note the licence restricts each student user to a limit of 10m data points per month in Datastream downloads.

Also in the Deals Screener and Deals Market Overview the licence restricts each student user to 1000 deals per 24 hour period in exporting values or formulas to Excel.  There is a maximum download of 200 per each event as formulas or values.

How to request a LSEG Workspace account

Accounts will be offered on a first come, first served basis by the School of Management. When all accounts are in use, accounts will be recycled in date order. When this happens, the period of access to Workspace may be limited to one week’s access. If you find you no longer have access, you will need to reapply. Your lack of access may be indicated by an error message in the platform saying "error loading layout data, please try again" as shown in the troubleshooting section of this guide. Reapply using the instructions on this guide. It may take up to 7 days for your account application to be activated. Please refer to the following registration guide and registration link to apply for access - make sure you use your University of Bath email and that you opt to add Datastream to your access.

Please note Workspace does not work with Firefox.

Once you have registered you will be sent a link to access and download the Refinitiv desktop application or to use Refinitiv Workspace on the Web. The desktop application is recommended for the most functionality. Full details are sent to you as part of the application process from Refinitiv. Once you are registered and you have downloaded the software, you can launch the app directly from your PC. Alternatively you can use the link below for access to Refinitiv Workspace on the Web.

Some students have reported that when they apply for an account they don't receive a message from Refinitiv telling them that their account has been created.  If you experience this you can try this workaround: access Refinitiv by signing in with your University of Bath email address and opt for 'forgotten password' in order to be sent a link to reset.


General error or access denied

When all accounts are in use, you may find that your application for access is unsuccessful and receive an 'Access Denied' or a 'General Error' message from Refinitiv which says "Unfortunately the self-registration request you submitted has failed".  When this happens, please contact us at and we will let the School of Management know that some accounts need deactivating to free up space for new applications. 

No welcome email

Some students have reported that when they apply for an account, they don't receive a message from Refinitiv telling them that their account has been created. If you experience this you can try this workaround: access Refinitiv by signing in with your University of Bath email address and opt for 'forgotten password' in order to be sent a link to reset.

Some start-up settings are missing

If you see the error message 'some start-up settings are missing from the user profile' then this means your account has been de-activated and you will need to register for a new one.

Invalid parameters

If you have tried to apply for an account but see a message that says 'invalid parameters' this means that something has gone wrong and your account hasn't been created. Please email us at and we'll let the School of Management know that your registration has failed and ask for it to be fixed.

Error loading layout data or layout save error

If you see the following image when you log in to Refinitiv, it means that your account has been deactivated and you will need to reapply.  The same applies if you see the message 'layout save error'.  Accounts are shared and those in use for the longest are those that are deactivated first in times of high demand. Re-apply following the steps in the 'How to request a Refinitiv Workspace account' section of this guide. Error loading layout data. Please try again.

If after reading the troubleshooting section above, you still need to contact us for help, please email or use the Ask a Librarian service.

Contacting LSEG for help

LSEG don't assist students in using the product via an email help desk, but may answer questions about error messages. To ask a technical support question once you have a Refinitiv account, register for the Get Support service. 

Workspace and Datastream training resources

LSEG Workspace

Library help videos on LSEG Workspace with Datastream with the full Excel add-in

It's recommended that you watch the equities video first as it demonstrates the use of the database in the most detail.

Refinitiv provided videos on Datastream

Using LSEG Workspace via Excel

In addition to using the platform interface, LSEG Workspace can be used via Excel. The use of Excel is particulary beneficial for searching Datastream, but is currently only available to users on a Windows PC. See the instructions on accessing the Excel add-ins (for Windows and Mac users) in our Guide:

Using LSEG Workspace on University PCs

You can use LSEG Workspace on your own laptop once you have an account. If you prefer to use University computers you can use the two PCs on level 5 of the Library near the Information Point. Note that you are advised to book to use the two Library PCs. The desk numbers are 5-101 and 5-102. You need to have an LSEG Workspace account to use the software on the University PCs. 

If you are a Mac user who is unable to get to the University to use the LSEG PCs in the Library, then it’s possible to be set up to remotely access one of the two LSEG PCs on Level 5 of the Library. Why might you need remote access? Mac users don’t have access to the LSEG Workspace Excel add-in which allows for Datastream searching. Mac users are encouraged to come in in person and use the PCs in the Library. But, if you are a Mac user and you are not within easy reach of Bath, you can request remote access using the steps outlined in the following guide:

LSEG Workspace certification

LSEG certifications are designed to give users the ability to gain foundational knowledge of the LSEG products.  Certifications are free of charge to students with an LSEG account.  This certification programme covers LSEG Workspace, LSEG Eikon and LSEG Datastream.  In order to prepare for the certification LSEG recommend you view the suggested on-demand videos, which are available free of charge on the LSEG training website.  Once you have viewed these videos you can request a test token from the website.  This will give you access to sit the test within seven days.  The test is web-based with 30 multiple choice questions and you have 60 minutes to complete it.  You are permitted to re-take the test once.  It is recommended you use the LSEG Product during the test.