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WRDS information and help: Home

What is WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

How to access WRDS

​You must register before you can use it. Please note that the database is not available to undergraduates.

  1. Use this form to request an individual account.
  2. When completing the form choose 'University of Bath'.
  3. After clicking 'Register', a notification will be sent to the designated School of Management academics who will approve your account.
  4. Once approved, you will receive an email allowing you to set up your password.

List of subscribed WRDS databases

WRDS help

Datasets (non-subscribed): to view a full list of available datasets in WRDS, log in and select ‘get data’.  Then, select ‘all your subscriptions’ or go directly to the subscriptions page. Selecting one of the databases will allow you to access 'overview documents' and accompanying manuals. 

Guides: Once you are logged in, under the 'support' tab you will find WRDS guides, manuals and overviews; for example: how to run a web query.

Videos from WRDS: 

Video demonstration from the Library:

This short video provides a demonstration of a simple search using the WRDS query form.  The query form is the same across all the databases accessible in WRDS. The database in the video is Compustat.