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EndNote Desktop: Preferences

Setting EndNote preferences

Preferences are the options for the EndNote program.

Using preferences you can customise your EndNote library, for example:

  • Changing the columns displayed in the reference list.
  • Changing the display font.
  • Changing options for pdf handling.
  • Editing the fields that display in each record.
  • Changing options for syncing libraries.

To change preferences, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.

Reference types

  • The reference type is the format of the publication, for example, book, journal article or conference proceeding.

  • The default record for each reference type contains different kinds of fields for the information you are most likely to want for that type of publication.

  • For example, the record for a journal article will need a field for the journal title.

  • You can choose which fields appear in the default record for each reference type.

  • You can also create custom fields.

Editing reference types

  1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.

  2. From the list of categories on the left, select Reference Types.

  3. Click Modify Reference Types …

  4. EndNote Desktop preferences window.

  5. In the box labelled Reference Type, click the drop-down arrow and select the reference type you wish to change, for example, choose Journal Article.

  • The list of fields on the left, in grey, shows all the generic fields available in EndNote.

  • The editable list of fields, on the right, shows all the fields currently available in the default record for the reference type you have selected.

EndNote Desktop modify reference type window.

Add a default field

  1. In the editable list of fields, on the right, click the field you wish to add, for example, click Publisher.

  2. Copy the field name from the list on the left into the box on the right.

  • You are not recommended to change the names of the default fields.

EndNote desktop adding Publisher field to reference type.

Add a custom field

  1. In the editable list of fields, on the right, click the field you wish to add, for example, click Custom 2.

  2. Type the name of your custom field into the box on the right. 

EndNote Desktop adding a custom field to the reference type.

Delete a field

  1. In the editable list of fields, on the right, click the field you wish to delete, for example, click Issue.

  2. Delete the name of the default field from the box on the right.

The deleted field no longer appears in any references using that reference type. If there was any information in the deleted field, it still appears in the reference, but the field is displayed with its generic name.

Apply a change you have made to all reference types

  • After editing a field, and before clicking outside of that field, click Apply to All Ref Types.
  • For example, this would add a custom field you have created to all reference types.

EndNote Desktop saving changes to all reference types.

Save your changes to reference types

  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Apply to save your changes.
  3. Click OK to close the EndNote Preferences dialog box.<