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Referencing guide: Download EndNote desktop

Important note!

Please note that the Library provides basic support for EndNote users
For some enquiries, you may need to request support by contacting the provider Clarivate.

Download EndNote desktop (X9 or 20)

The University of Bath has a site licence to EndNote, which is held by DD&T.  The licence permits University of Bath staff and students to download the EndNote software to their home PC or Mac.

To download the software go to Secure Downloads:

Login  - click Available downloads - then Software Application - EndNote

You will see 5 files. The most current version of EndNote desktop software is EndNote 20. The previous version i.e. version 19 (known as X9) is also available. Read the pdf installation guide first, then download the version you want, using the Windows or Mac version as appropriate:

  • EndNote20SiteInstaller.dmg is the program to download EndNote 20 for Mac
  • is the program to download EndNote 20 for Mac
  • EndnoteInstallationGuide.pdf gives the instructions for downloading EndNote for PC or Mac
  • is the program to download EndNote X9 to a PC
  • EndNoteX9SiteInstaller.dmg is the program to download EndNote X9 to a Mac

Instructions for downloading to PC

First close any Microsoft Office applications that you have open. Decide which version to install first i.e. X9 or 20. 

Click on EndNote[version] and download it. In this example X9 is being downloaded: click on and download it. 

Open the downloaded file to see something like this:


DO NOT double-click the folder to start the installation: click “Extract” in the menu bar at the top of the window, then click “Extract all” and then “Extract”. 

If you do not extract the file properly, you will be asked for the site administration code.


Install the EndNote software - PC

  1. In the window that appears showing the extracted folder, open the “EndNote X9 (Volume Install)” folder and double click on ENX9Inst.msi
  2. Click Next
  3. Click Accept
  4. Click Next
  5. Read and click to confirm if you accept the license agreement
  6. Click Next (4 times)
  7. If you are prompted to close any open office applications at this stage, do so and click Retry, otherwise, click Next
  8. If you are prompted to enter your password, or allow the application to make changes, do so when asked
  9. The installation will normally take around 5 minutes to complete on most computers
  10. Click Finish
  11. EndNote will now appear in your Start Menu and is ready to use.  The EndNote X9 toolbar should have been installed in Microsoft word.

Adding Harvard(Bath) style

Your EndNote program will contain many pre-installed referencing styles, but it will not include Harvard (Bath) style, which has been created by the University of Bath. 

  • Download the Harvard(Bath) style from - if this link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it into another window/tab, or try a different browser.
  • Double-click the style file - It should open in EndNote
  • On the open style, select the “File” menu and select “Save As” - Enter the name as you would like the style to be displayed within EndNote, e.g. "Harvard(Bath)"
  • Select the “File” menu and then select “Close Style”

Setting up a new EndNote Library

If you are brand-new to using EndNote, the next step will be to create a Library.

Click File – New and choose where you want your library to be located.

You can change the name of the library but make sure you keep the default file type .enl

Linking to an existing EndNote desktop Library

You can either:

  • Create a new library as above, and import your existing library into it.  This means you will have TWO libraries. 


  • Point your home version of Endnote software at your existing library.  If your existing library is on the University H or X Drive this has the added benefit of ensuring it is safe and backed up.  If your reference library is stored on your H Drive or the University’s X Drive, you will need to connect to those drives to locate and access your library.  In EndNote X9 or 20, go to File - Open Library and browse for your library.  If you’re not sure where on the drive your library is located, search for *.enl 

Transferring references from EndNote Online to EndNote desktop

In EndNote X9 go to Tools – Sync.  Enter your Endnote online login details and follow the instructions.  If you have a large number of references it could take several minutes to transfer them.

In EndNote 20 go to Library - Sync. Enter your Endnote online login details and follow the instructions.  If you have a large number of references it could take several minutes to transfer them.