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Research Software Learning Online: Stata

Accessing Stata

StataStata logo is a statistical software platform that is used for data analysis and data visualisation. It is most commonly used in the fields of economics, epidemiology, political science, sociology and biomedical science.

Students can access Intercooled Stata (Stata IC) on the University-managed computers across campus, and via UniApps and UniDesk. Staff should contact their IT supporter if they wish to have access to Stata. 

Please note that O'Reilly deletes content in December and June. If you are linking to courses on this platform we advise that you check that they are still running in January and July of each year. 

Searching for more courses on Stata

You can search for more courses and resources for learning Stata on O'Reilly Learning. Enter 'Stata' into the search bar on the home page. We recommend that you filter the results: 

  • use the 'Format' filter to filter by resource type: courses are listed as 'Learning Path' or 'Video'
  • use the 'Topic' filter to filter for courses specifically on Stata

If you cannot see 'Learning Path' and 'Video' as an option under the Format filter you should delete the site cookies and refresh the page. 

Getting started courses

These courses are suitable for researchers who are completely new to using Stata. It is important to note that Stata commands can differ between different versions. So, if a command that is used in the course does not work, check the help option to see if the command has changed for the version that you are working with. 

Easy Statistics: Linear and Non-Linear Regression (5.25 hours)

Develop linear and non-linear regression skills and gain the confidence to work with quantitative analysis.

  • Understand the statistical fundamentals of ordinary least squares (OLS)
  • Gain the confidence to comfortably interpret complicated regression output from OLS
  • Explore regression modeling and its application

Data Visualization in Stata (8 hours)

It takes years of experience to accumulate knowledge of the different graphs and plots. This knowledge and visualizing experiences are packed in modular form; be a part of it.

About This Video 

  • Learn basic methods of data visualization, variations, and customizations of visualization methods
  • Gain experience of different data visualization techniques and how to apply them
  • Implement code files along with bite-sized videos in a modular and easy-to-use approach

Intermediate and advanced courses

For those who already have a basic understanding of Stata there are a range of learning path and video courses to expand your skills and knowledge of using Stata for different analyses. 

120 Quick Stata Tips (3.25 hours)

Level up your Stata skills with one hundred and twenty professional-grade tips. This course comes bundled with years' worth of hard Stata knowledge in three hours!

About This Video 

  • Useful data management, statistics, programming, and graphing tricks to use in Stata
  • 120 professional and to-the-point tips for Stata within three hours
  • Easy-to-use code files along with bite-sized videos in a modular approach

The STATA OMNIBUS: Regression and Modelling with STATA (14.25 hours)

Get access to a fully updated course that simplifies the concept of linear and non-linear regression, regression modeling, and Stata. 

  • View, explore, analyze, manipulate, and visualize data with Stata
  • Understand linear regression and non-linear regression analysis
  • Discover tips and techniques for building regression models