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Research Software Learning Online: SAS

Accessing SAS

SAS is a platform for programming, data analysis and data visualisation. It is widely used in industry for data analysis and business intelligence. SAS is not freely available to staff and students at the University; if your course requires you to use SAS your lecturers will provide information on how to access SAS in your department. Staff members should contact their local IT support if they would like to use SAS for their research. 

Please note that O'Reilly deletes content in December and June. If you are linking to courses on this platform we advise that you check that they are still running in January and July of each year. 

Searching for more courses on Git and GitHub

You can search for more courses and resources for learning SAS on O'Reilly Learning. Enter 'SAS' into the search bar on the home page. We recommend that you filter the results: 

  • use the 'Format' filter to filter by resource type: courses are listed as 'Learning Path' or 'Video'
  • use the 'Topic' filter to filter for courses specifically on SAS

If you cannot see 'Learning Path' and 'Video' as an option under the Format filter you should delete the site cookies and refresh the page. 

Getting started courses

There are a limited number of courses for learning SAS on O'Reilly Learning. These courses are suitable for those who are new to SAS or have only a very basic working knowledge of SAS. 

SAS in Practice (4 hours)

This is a video course for those with an existing working knowledge of SAS. The course covers: 

  • Introduction to SASSAS in practice
  • Combining and merging datasets 
  • Data manipulation using DATA Step
  • Working with SAS functions
  • Validate and clean data
  • Report generation
  • Error handling
  • Introduction to SQL and macros

Intermediate and advanced courses

These courses are suitable for those who are already familiar with SAS, or who have taken one of the introductory courses. 

Mastering SAS Programming (4 hours)

This course is for those with a working knowledge in SAS and is designed to build on those skills. It covers the use of SAS for statistical analysis. The course covers:

  • Quick refresher to Base SASMastering SAS programming
  • SAS macros, functions and programs
  • Statistics with SAS
  • Performing cluster analysis and decision trees
  • Performing linear and logistic regression 
  • Working with time series data
  • Factor analysis and creating custom graphs

The Simplest Guide™ to SAS Programming | Base SAS | Advanced SAS (11.5 hours)

A comprehensive, simple, and visual guide to data analysis using SAS programming, this course is simplified into 4 main areas: data preparation, data structuring, data visualization, and optimizing code using powerful SAS macros.

  • A guide to the two SAS certification exams: SAS Base and SAS Advanced
  • This course uses the SAS University Edition that is free to download and install on a PC or Mac
  • Quiz and practice tests after each section are included

The Simplest Guide™ to Advanced SAS Programming | Macros | Proc SQL (3.5 hours)

A simple guide to advanced SAS programming to help you master data analysis and prepare for advanced SAS certification exams.

  • Learn how to use powerful SAS procedures that reveal amazing insights within your data
  • Extract, analyze, and visualize data by building powerful SQL queries in SAS
  • Prepare for advanced SAS certification exams