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Research Software Learning Online: SPSS

Accessing SPSS

SPSS logo​SPSS is a platform used for statistical analysis and is widely used in the social sciences. It has slightly more 'point and click' functionality than some of the other statistical analysis packages, and is easy to learn and to use.

Students can access SPSS on all of the University-managed computers across campus, and remotely via UniApps and UniDesk. Staff and students can also download SPSS to use on your own device.

Please note that O'Reilly deletes content in December and June. If you are linking to courses on this platform we advise that you check that they are still running in January and July of each year. 

Searching for more courses on SPSS

You can search for more courses and resources for learning SPSS on O'Reilly Learning. Enter 'SPSS' into the search bar on the home page. We recommend that you filter the results: 

  • use the 'Format' filter to filter by resource type: courses are listed as 'Learning Path' or 'Video'
  • use the 'Topic' filter to filter for courses specifically on SPSS (if the filter is available)

If you cannot see 'Learning Path' and 'Video' as an option under the Format filter you should delete the site cookies and refresh the page. 

Getting started courses

These courses are suitable for researchers who are completely new to using SPSS. 

IBM SPSS Modeler Essentials (2.75 hours)

Master various techniques in IBM SPSS Modeler to perform efficient analytics on your data.

  • ​​​​​​​Use IBM SPSS Modeler to build models than you can deploy in the day to day running of your business
  • Save time and effort while getting more value from your data than ever before
  • A comprehensive tutorial to get you started with predictive analytics and Decision Trees using SPSS Modeler

Basic Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science (3 hours)

This video course assumes a working knowledge of managing data in SPSS and is designed so that the theory is taught in a way that can be applied to any statistics package. The demonstrations are given in SPSS Statistics. The course covers: 

  • The basic steps of data analysisBasic statistics and data mining for data science
  • Summarising data
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Chi-Square tests
  • T-Tests
  • Correlation

Intermediate and advanced courses

These courses are suitable for those with a working knowledge of managing data in SPSS however, the majority of them are taught as general statistics courses with application examples provided in SPSS Statistics. One of the courses also uses SPSS Modeler. 

Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science (3 hours)

This video course provides an overview of advanced statistics in general and so could be used to learn the theory before applying the knowledge in practice in any statistics package. The course provides worked examples using SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler. The course assumes an existing working knowledge of SPSS. The course covers: 

  • Predictive modellingAdvanced statistics and data mining for data science
  • Linear regression
  • Decision tree models
  • Neural networks
  • Cluster analysis
  • Association modelling