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Research Analytics: ORCID

How to use publishing and citation data to evidence your strengths, develop your publishing strategy and make connections

What is ORCID?

About ORCID iD

  • ORCID iD is a 16-digit unique identifier.
  • Free to register and use your iD.
  • ORCID iD is used around the world by researchers, publishers, research organizations, and funders.

Why should I have an ORCID iD?

  1. Distinguishes you and ensures your research outputs and activities are correctly attributed to you.
  2. Reliably and easily connects you with your contributions and affiliations.
  3. Reduces form-filling (enter data once, re-use it often).
  4. Improves recognition and discoverability for you and your research outputs.
  5. Is interoperable (works with many institutions, funders, and publishers).
  6. Is persistent (enduring).

How do I get an ORCID iD?

You can register your ORCID iD Online at:
Registering your ORCID iD is an online process that should take less than one minute. You own your ORCID record and, after registering for it yourself, you will be able to update or add information.

How to import your research outputs to ORCID?

How do I make my ORCID iD more useful?

Select your default visibility setting for any information that you or trusted parties add to your ORCID record. We strongly recommend choosing Everyone or Trusted Parties as your default visibility setting as this will enable your information to be shared with the systems you interact with, allowing you to benefit from their ORCID integrations.


We recommend registering at least two email addresses to your account; for example, your institutional email address and personal email address. This will enable you to have multiple methods of signing into your ORCID account and ensure that you’re never locked out.

Ensure you have added all email addresses you have used in your career. This enables you to make connections between your ORCID record and activities and affiliations linked to former emails.

Include your ORCID iD on your web page and email signature, and use it when prompted as you

  • submit a manuscript
  • apply for a grant
  • deposit in a repository
  • in any other research workflow to ensure you get credit for your work.