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PressReader: Read, Translate and Listen


  • Select a publication.
  • Decide if you want the current or a back issue.  Click on the calendar icon or date to view previous publications.
  • Supplements (when provided) can be found by scrolling down the publication's homepage.
  • To read the publication you can do so online, via 'Read now' or chose the PressReader App.  For more information read the app tab.




  • Publications can be read by page, text or author.  These options are located on the left hand side column, once in read mode.  Scroll down to find the list of authors' names, select   Text view button   or    Page view button   to alter the publication's format for reading.
  • Single click the publication pages you want to read.  This enlarges the page and allows you to move across it with the mouse, single click again and the page zooms out. 
  • Use the arrows to the left and right of the publication pages to scroll through the issue.
  • Some publications have the option to select the article title.  This opens the article in a new window and into a text layout (images included). 
  • In article mode the text size can be modified to adapt the reading experience to the user's need.  Use the three dot menu, top right corner and select 'Fonts'.  From there the font can be enlarged or the style changed. 


                                                                  Font edit


  • Translate issue - Having selected to read a publication, go to the three dot menu, top right corner and select 'Translate'.  The whole issue will be translated into your chosen language.  Some issues' layouts may be altered and could take longer to load as you scroll through. 
  • A visible 'Ttranslate' icon means you are able to translate the page into up to 18 languages.  Don't forget, if the icon is not on view, it may be embedded in the three dot menu.

Translate icon


  • First option: Front page - When a publication is selected, an image of the front page is provided and an opportunity to listen to it, simply select 'Listen'. Listen icon 
  • Second option: Whole issue - After selecting to read the publication, a toolbar appears including the option to listen to the whole issue by selecting the 'Listen' icon. Listen whole publication
  • Third option: One article - Select an article to read, then use the three dot menu at the top right corner, select 'Listen' and the article will be read.