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Reading lists: Publishing considerations


Book and lettersAs outlined in the e-book provision part of this guide, some books are not available in e-format, or are only available in a package, or simply prohibitively expensive. Authors may wish to influence the publishing process to ensure that their work is readily available to libraries either through negotiation with the publishers or by creating an open access book. Some more guidance on this is provided below. 

Publishing considerations for authors

  • Consider publishing your book open access if you can.
  • When negotiating contracts with publishers ensure that you know what rights you have concerning your content and how much say you can have in how your work will be sold.
  • Consider how easy it will be for the library to acquire the book and your students to access.
  • Check the format the publisher will use when selling the book - will your work be sold in a bundle with other texts, or under a restrictive licence limiting access to your materials? If this is not clear from the publisher, speak to your Subject Librarian.
  • A library friendly e-book model is one which charges a fair price to buy the book (not rent it) and which allows unlimited access. These can be added to the library catalogue for use by all students, not just a specific group.
  • If you are writing a chapter in an edited work, will your agreement cover you to submit a copy to PURE so that it appears in the Research Portal?
  • Be aware of direct approaches from publishers looking for courseware adoption involving the integration of a key text on a publisher's learning platform.

Publisher negotiations: guidance and advice

Open access book publishing

The Library's Open Access Team has a detailed guide to Open Access and they can assist you in making the right publishing choice for your work. Contact the team via