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Library Induction: What does the library offer

Online & Print Collections

Your Library supports your studies by providing a huge range of books and journals (in online and print formats), along with specialist library databases. These are expensive academic resources that are paid for by the Library. We also provide patents, standards, market research, company information and data. 

  • Online collection: access our online books, journals and databases, wherever you are in the world, by using the Library Catalogue or links from the Library webpages. These resources are only available to you because you're a registered student at Bath so to access them, you need to enter your University username and password on request. Note our advice on off-campus access. 
  • Print collection: this is available in the Library building located on the parade (facing the lake). Borrow books from our collection using your Library Card. Books and journals are arranged as follows: Level 3 is the floor for Engineering and Design, Level 4 Sciences, and Level 5 Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. You can request scans of book chapters and journal articles in our print collections using the Bath Copies service. 
  • Reading For Pleasure: we also provide collections of online and print books on the following themes: black literature and culture, international books, LGBT+, the migrant journey, popular fiction, sustainability, wellbeing and Bath Big Reads (covering popular science and beyond). Here's our Reading for Pleasure guide.

Helpful qualified librarians

  • Each Department is supported by a Subject Librarian and an Information Librarian who can help you find relevant academic literature and other information to support your writing. Librarians can also advise on how to reference information so that you avoid plagiarism.
  • If you have an enquiry, or would like to book an in-person/online appointment, email - your enquiry will then be routed to the appropriate person.
  • Subject Librarians also buy books and journals (in online or print format) to support your studies, and look after specialist webpages for your subject. Our librarians are all qualified professionals who also provide training sessions.

The Library's Research Services supports researchers who want help with data management plans, identifying relevant journals for potential publication, funding options and attracting citations to your work. The services are staffed by qualified information scientists who also provide training sessions. If you have any related enquiries, please

Additional support for students and staff with disabilities

  • Your Subject Librarian is happy to meet with you for a one-to-one introduction to the Library and a confidential conversation about the library support that you require.
  • Physical access: There are wide automatic sliding doors at the entrance of the Library, followed by gates which open when your Library card is placed on their sensor. Reception staff can open the wider glass gate on request. The building has a lift to all five floors. If you have difficulty reaching books or journals, please contact us using the Library's referral form and we'll be happy to put them aside for either yourself or a support worker if you have one. Note our advice on what to do in an emergency.
  • IT support: All computers and laptops have a range of assistive software installed and students registered with the Disability Service may also be able to borrow equipment such as laptops, audio recorders or visualisers. Assistive Technology rooms are located in the Library: further information. We also help provide readings in alternative formats.

To access any of this support, please contact the Library using the 'Support for students and staff with disabilities' referral form and a member of Library staff will get back to you.

For more information on the kind of support the Library can provide see the Library's Support for students and staff with disabilities guide.

Study Areas & Other Facilities

To find out more about the study areas and other facilities in the Library Building, floor by floor, scroll through the images, captions and links below:

There are quiet study spaces on levels 1, 3, 4 and 5. 

Note that there are timetabled teaching areas at the front of level 4 which can only be used for study outside of teaching hours.

More information on study areas and online booking.

Library computers

There are PCs available at the front of Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Note that PCs at the front of Level 4 may be in use for timetabled teaching.

There is wifi throughout the building. All desks have power sockets.

Floor plan

Floorplans are available to help you find your way around the Library.

Library level 2

Level 2 is the entrance level where you can find the main University Reception and Security Desk. This level is our self-service floor where you can borrow and return materials, collect books you've reserved and use multi-function devices to print, copy and scan.

There is also an assistive technology room for students registered with Student Disability Advice. 

See our interactive floor plans for floor by floor detail.

Library level 3, 4 and 5

Levels 3, 4 and 5 are subject floors designed for quiet study, where you can find and browse resources. Level 3 is the floor for Engineering and Design, Level 4 Sciences, and Level 5 Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. 

See our interactive floor plans for floor-by-floor detail.

Food and drink policy

Food and drink: As the Library is a study environment, food is only allowed in the snacking area in the level 2 foyer. 

You can bring in water and soft drinks in bottles, or hot drinks in reusable keep cups and thermos flasks.