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EndNote Online: Register & Access

New to EndNote Online? Please read this introductory page and then click on each heading in the following row of tabs:

Before using EndNote Online

Check that your PC/laptop/device has the required browser and operating system - and that you are using a compatible version of Microsoft Word:

How do I register to use EndNote Online?

1. To register for full access to EndNote Online, either use an on-campus PC or connect your device to the University network using a VPN connection. If you have any problems connecting, request IT Support.

2. Then connect to the library database, Web of Science, using one of the following links:

3. On the Web of Science homepage, click the 'products' link (located on the right hand side of the top menu). Click the EndNote link from the drop-down menu, Then click 'Register'.

4. To register, you must enter your University of Bath email address as your EndNote username. Instructions appear explaining which symbols you can select for your password but we recommend that you don't include the % symbol even though this is listed (we have found that it causes login problems).

Enter the Captcha sequence carefully mirroring the same use of either upper or lower case, and without mistaking characters such as the number 0 for the letter O. 

5. A registration link will be emailed to your University of Bath account - this may appear in either your Junk folder or 'Other' folder (if using outlook). Activate the registration link.

Access problems?

  • In the event of problems with the provider's server, you may temporarily lose access to your references. Some users avoid this problem by also using the EndNote Desktop as a back-up i.e. regularly exporting their EndNote Online references into EndNote Desktop (also known as Endnote X9 / 20). To do this:

    Connect to EndNote Online. Click on 'format' followed by 'export references. Finally, export the references in a txt or Rich text format. For more information, refer to guides to using EndNote.
  • For other access problems, please refer to the FAQs and contact sections in Help.

Once registered, how do I access EndNote Online?

Once you're registered with EndNote Online, connect to Web of Science using one either of the following links (or any 'Web of Science' links in the Library website). Then, from the Web of Science homepage, click 'products' (located on the right hand side ofthe top menu). Finally, click the EndNote link from the drop-down menu and sign in.

To keep your EndNote Online account activated for at least a year: you must log on to EndNote Online every 12 months (or sooner), using the following method. Otherwise, your account will be downgraded, providing fewer referencing styles, which won't include Harvard (Bath), and less storage (a maximum of 50,000 references).

1. Log on using an on-campus networked computer or if you're using your own device, connect to the University network by using a VPN connection. If you have any problems connecting, request IT Support.

2.Then connect to Web of Science using one of the links in the Library website.

You can check to see it has updated and how many more days before your enhanced access will expire by signing into your EndNote Online account. Go to Options > Subscription and look at the days remaining on your ‘Roaming’ Web of Science access. If it has not updated to c367 days you can prompt it to do so:

  1. Make sure you are using an on-campus PC or connected to the campus network (e.g. via a VPN connection if you're off-campus) but make sure you have signed out of EndNote Online and Web of Science.
  2. Open Microsoft Word and click on the EndNote ribbon. Make sure you have it set up for EndNote Online (see the Preferences > Application section).
  3. Click the Go to EndNote Online button on the main EndNote ribbon (second option from the left) and sign in to your account. Check your Subscription as above. It should now have updated.
  4. If your account still hasn't reactivated, you will need to contact the provider, Clarivate, to request that this is done on your behalf.

How do I access EndNote Online after I've left University?

Please refer to these instructions.