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Chemistry Software: Signals Notebook

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What is Signals Notebook?

Signals Notebook is a web-based laboratory notebook which enables you to keep all of the files related to an experiment in one place. Perkin Elmer describe it as ‘an integrated R&D environment for organizing, recording and sharing synthetic methodology and data’. It can also, for example:

  • automatically generate IUPAC names and stoichiometry tables
  • speed up input of common experimental details.

Access Signals Notebook

You can access Signals Notebook here, using a Perkin Elmer username and password:

If you have downloaded ChemDraw you should already have a Perkin Elmer username and password which will work with Signals Notebook. Otherwise follow the instructions from the ChemDraw page, but instead of registering to download ChemDraw, choose the option to ‘access PerkinElmer Cloud Applications’ instead, and input your University email. This will activate your access.

Signals Notebook