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Chemistry Software: Signals Notebook

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What is Signals Notebook?

Signals Notebook is an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) which enables you to keep all of the files related to an experiment in one place. Revvity Signals describe it as a tool ‘for multidisciplinary collaboration and scientifically intelligent data management’.

Access Signals Notebook

If you have downloaded ChemDraw you should already have a Revvity username and password which will work with Signals Notebook. If you do not have a Revvity username and password, you will need to do this first (follow the instructions from the ChemDraw page).

In addition, you will also need to register separately to access Revvity Signals Cloud Applications before you can use Signals Notebook

From the Subscription Gallery page, search for the University of Bath as you did when registering for ChemDraw. This time, choose the second option (Access Revvity Signals Cloud Applications). Input your University email when prompted. This will activate your access.

Once you've successfully registered, you can access Signals Notebook here:

Signals Notebook overview

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