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Chemistry Software: Chem3D

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What is Chem3D?

Chem3D allows you to:

  • produce colourful 3D chemical structures for use in presentations, posters and websites
  • draw a 2D chemical structure using ChemDraw and convert it to 3D
  • import CIF or PDB files to visualise and manipulate
  • calculate bond lengths and angles
  • perform molecular modelling calculations with MM2 and MMFF94
  • perform molecular dynamics calculations

Chem3D at the University of Bath

The University of Bath has a site licence for ChemOffice+ Cloud, provided by DD&T. This includes Chem3D, for Windows only. The licence allows you to download the software to your own PC (not available for Mac). The version currently installed on University computers is ChemDraw 19. Limited training and support is provided by the Library.

How to use Chem3D

Access Chem3D

To access ChemDraw from public access computers in the Library or PC labs:

Go to Start –  ChemOffice 2020 – Chem3D 20.1

On University-managed computers, you can download Chem3D from the software centre, as part of ChemOffice Professional. It is available for Windows only.

ChemDraw and Chem3D can be accessed remotely via Uniapps or UniDesk:

Download Chem3D to your own computer

Chem3D is available for Windows only. You can download it together with ChemDraw, by following the instructions to download ChemOffice provided on the secure downloads page. Before you install a new version of ChemOffice, make sure that you have uninstalled any older version.

An alternative for Mac users

Problems with downloading ChemDraw/Chem3D?

Note: the Perkin Elmer website causes various web browsers to come up with a security warning. You just have to ignore this. For example in Chrome, click on ‘advanced’ and then continue.

If you have a problem downloading ChemDraw (including Chem3D) you can try searching the PerkinElmer knowledge base:

Or seek help from DD&T: