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Chemistry Software: CrystalMaker

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What is CrystalMaker?

Crystal Maker is a software package for:

  • Visualising and manipulating crystal structures

  • Calculating and analysing information obtained from X-ray diffraction

We have access to three programs: CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal.

CrystalMaker provides sophisticated tools for building, visualising and manipulating molecular and crystal structures, including:

  • Publication-quality graphics
  • Tools to generate animations, including exporting high-quality movies to enhance presentations
  • 3D visualisation of structures

CrystalDiffract provides tools for working with powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD)

SingleCrystal provides similar tools for single-crystal X-ray and electron-diffraction datasets.

For further information, see:

CrystalMaker licence expiry

University of Bath only: if your CrystalMaker software expires, the 2021/2022 activation codes can be found here:


Access CrystalMaker

CrystalMaker is available on public access computers in the library and PC labs.

CrystalMaker can be requested from Computing Services using this form:

Request software

CrystalMaker images

RHO framework

CrystalMaker site license at the University of Bath

The University of Bath has a site licence for CrystalMaker. If you use CrystalMaker in your publications, you need to give an acknowledgement. For example:

"Images and video generated using CrystalMaker®, CrystalMaker Software Ltd,"

You must include the registered trademark symbol ® after the application name, for legal reasons. Please contact the Library for further details about the license.

How to use CrystalMaker