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Finding and reusing research datasets: Physics

Guide on finding secondary data for reserach and identifying suitable data archives for research dataset deposits.

Finding published research datasets in physics research

Mandlebrot fractal pictureData sharing in physics varies substantially between specific research disciplines and, beyond those shown on this page, there are only a limited number of discipline-specific data archives for physics data. Therefore, if datasets have been published they tend to be within the interdisciplinary data archives or published as supplemental material to journal articles. If you are looking for code-based data please see the 'code-based data' page in this guide. 

The list of databases provided in this guide are those that are recommended by major UK funding bodies or by journal publishers. You can search re3data or FAIRSharing for a full list of research data archives publishing physics datasets. 

Earth observation data

Astronomical and astrophysics data

Structural data repositories