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Finding patent information: Google Patents

What is Google Patents

Google Patents is Google's own patent search tool. It draws on patents from more than 100 of the biggest patent offices from around the world, enabling you to search across more than 120 million documents. As such it rivals the EPO's Espacenet for coverage. Full-text patent documents are indexed from 20 of the biggest patent offices. There is an advanced and  basic Google Patents search. The search results also bring in materials from Google Scholar, Google Books and Google's Prior Art Archive.

Search Google Patents

Google Patents - introductory video

Key strengths

  • Very broad coverage. Explore live coverage information by contributing patent office
  • Utilises Google's powerful, proprietary search
  • Prior art search supported by other Google products - Google Scholar and Google Books
  • Machine translation of non-English patent text into English (powered by Google Translate)
  • Data on the top 1000 results in your search are presented visually, indicating:
    • Top results by filing date - indicating fluctuation in applications and granted patents over time
    • Top Assignees (Applicants), Inventors and Classifications (CPC) associated with these documents
  • Results can be grouped by classification
  • Results can be deduplicated by publication or patent family
  • Filter results by:
    • patent status - application or granted documents
    • litigation - whether there is known related litigation or not