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Digimap: Digimap collections

An introduction to online maps and map data via EDINA's Digimap database

Digimap collections - overview and advice

Digimap comprises multiple collections which are available to Further and Higher Education institutions through individual or bundle subscriptions. Currently the Library subscribes to all of the collections for the University of Bath: Ordnance Survey (OS); Historic; Geology; Environment; Marine; Aerial; Lidar; Global; Society, Verisk, etc. Each collection has a section in Digimap which includes summaries, FAQs and more to get started. 

Ordnance Survey

This collection includes current maps and map data for the UK provided by the Ordnance Survey (OS). You can use OS Roam to:

  • View OS maps at a range of 13 fixed scales, 1:1,250 up to 1:750,000 (i.e. large scale to small scale) 
  • You can select map areas to print and do so on any scale from 1:100 to 1:10,000,000
  • The scale ratio is how many units each unit on the map represents i.e. high numbers are small scale, zoomed a long way out
  • Print in A4 – A0 size in various formats e.g. PDF,  JPG, PNG
  • You can customise the features in certain maps
  • Annotate the map; measure features e.g. text labels, hill shading, lines, areas, etc
  • Add scale bars and grid lines to printed maps
  • Save an unlimited number of maps and annotations


Geological overlay using British Geological Survey (BGS) data 

  • You can edit the level of transparency/opacity of the overlay using the bar at the upper left of the map
  • The 'Active legend' for the overlay can be seen in the Map content section from the left hand menu. You can use this for example to highlight features on the map
  • Switch between various basemaps for different geological overlays e.g. permeability, rock type, soil strength, indicators of flooding
  • Selected geological images can be viewed when zoomed in at the most detailed scales. There are 3000 images in Geology Roam.


Maps and data for three sets of Land Cover maps at a variety of scales:

  • Land cover maps (LCM) 1990, 2000, 2007 at 25m resolution
  • Navigate, save, print & annotate as usual
  • You cannot customise the features but there is a legend
    e.g. Coniferous woodland; Bog; Freshwater; Suburban, etc.


Two main products to explore, using content from the UK Hydrographic Offices:

  • Marine Roam - covering all UK waters (vector maps with lots of layers that can be manipulated), plus extensive data e.g. geology, shipwrecks, tidal currents and more. Scales range from 1:3,500,000 to 1:2,500.
  • Chart Roam -  (raster nautical charts)


Open map data for the rest of the world

  • Constructed from free, community-driven OpenStreetMap and Natural Earth datasets, plus Collins Bartholomew data. More may be added over time


Historic Digimap provides historic OS maps for the UK, 1840s-1990s. licenced from Landmark Solutions. These comprise:

  • Town plans (1848-1939) – at 3 scales – original sheets and national grid tiles
  • County series (1864-1911) -  at 2 scales – original sheets and national grid tiles
  • National grid (1943-1996) – at 4 scales – national grid tiles

There are 12 fixed scales to view –from 1:500 to 1:10 560. Smaller scales are only available from modern OS maps i.e. when zoomed out.


  • Each series was revised over time – with fewer areas covered with each revision so there will be gaps historically
  • Several overlapping historic maps may be available at smaller scales for a particular era. These look blurry due to the overlapping. The default view in these cases is the earliest available map. Use the overlapping mapping tool to select to view just one map from the period to remove the overlap. This is the second to last option in the left hand menu
  • You can use the '2 Up' button at the top of the page to display the same location for two different points in time side by side for comparison e.g. comparing the University of Bath campus in the 1960s and 1990s, or earlier when the site was just fields
  • There is an extra save option to save screen image as: PNG, JPG. This is available from the last option in the left-hand menu

Verisk (UK buildings and land use)

Formerly known as Geomni, Verisk comprises 3 datasets:

1. UK Map provides rich map data for Greater London only
(includes building height, use, footprint, upper floor details. Also shows tree canopies. The aerial view is 4x more detailed than that in Digimap Aerial)

2. UK Building provides the age, use and height of buildings across the UK

3. UK Land provides land use information for the UK
(this is different to Environment Digimap which provides land 'cover')

Aerial and Lidar

Aerial: Satellite photography at various fixed scales from 1:500 to 1:150,000, provided by Getmapping plc.

Lidar (laser mapping of the Earth's surface): There is no Roam application. data for download and use in CAD/GIS software only.


Demographic data (census and socio-economic) for UK from 2011

  • Data visualisation in over 40 layers with OS data
  • Use the Overlays option in the left-hand menu to select the overlay e.g. population density
  • Use the bar at the top left of the map to vary the transparency of the overlay
  • Visuals are ready-made; GIS/CAD not required!