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IBSS: Saving searches and alerts

A guide to literature searching and managing searches in IBSS

What are saved searches and alerts?

Saved searches: IBSS gives you the option to save a search. You can then re-run that saved search at a later date (without having to re-enter all your search terms again) and you'll retrieve an updated set of results. Of course, you may want to modify or expand your keywords if you've developed your knowledge of a topic's terminology since your original search.

Email alerts: To help you maintain current awareness of your topic, IBSS also gives you the option to set up an email alert that will inform you of:

  • New articles on your topic that have been indexed by IBSS since your original search (i.e. based on the keywords that you entered).
  • The latest articles written by an individual author (indexed by IBSS).
  • The latest tables of contents from a journal (although you may prefer to set up a journal alert in the relevant journal website instead).

How to save searches and create alerts

Before saving searches and setting up alerts:

  1. Connect to IBSS via the Library website or Library Catalogue (when you click on the link, you may be required to enter your University username and password). Sign into (or register for) a MyResearch account by clicking the icon of a human head near the top of the screen (to the right). The ‘Save Search/Alert’ option appears just above your search results (to the right).
  2. Saving searches: Search on a topic of your choice and click the save search/alert option and then click 'save search'. A dialog box appears in which you need to enter a name for your search. You also have the option of adding a note describing the search in more detail. Finally, click 'save'.
  3. Creating alerts: You can also create an alert (again by first clicking the save search/alert option).  A dialog box appears into which you enter a name for the alert and schedule when you receive them (e.g. weekly or monthly). You can also enter additional email addresses to which the email should be sent (enabling other researchers to also receive it), include details of the corresponding search terms, and add a message for additional context. Finally, click 'save'.

Retrieving searches and alerts

The next time you enter IBSS, click the icon of a human head (top of the screen to the right) and then sign-in to your MyResearch account . Once signed in, click the 'head' icon again to view a drop-down menu where you find links to lists of 'Saved Searches and 'alerts.

On the 'saved searches' page, re-run a search by clicking the hyperlinked 'searched for' name. You can also modify search terms, generate direct link to results, delete searches or combine them. For an explanation of how to combine searches effectively, refer to the 'refining search' tab in this guide. 

On the 'alerts' page, screen, you can modify/delete the search or re-run the corresponding search,