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Systematic reviews: Assess the evidence

Assessing the quality of evidence

Having identified the studies to include in your review, you need to collate the data you have found in a meaningful way.  This will require some knowledge of statistical analysis techniques.

Cochrane Interactive Learning resources

Modules 6-7 of Cochrane Interactive Learning have information on performing a statistical analysis. The Library is subscribing to Cochrane Interactive Learning.

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How to analyse different types of data, effect measures, undertaking meta-analysis, recognising heterogeneity.

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How to interpret results of systematic analysis, using GRADE method to report uncertainty of evidence.


Calculating effect size

Assessing bias

Get help with statistics

Library resources on statistics

A database of e-books that you can search. For example, enter the term 'statistics' or 'Excel' or the name of a statistical package such as 'SPSS'.