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PubMed: Filters

What are PubMed's filters

  • You can filter your results so that your search results are limited to a more specific range of documents and topics.
  • Filter options appear to the left of your search results, click the box next to each one as relevant, in order to refine your search results.
  • You can select an article types filter to limit your results to clinical trials, legislation, meta-analysis, randomised controlled trials, reviews and systematic reviews.
  • CLick the additional filters button to find further options for limiting results by, for example, a specific specie, age group or sex . Using these options will free you from having to identify all the the different search terms that are used to define a specific population group.  You will also find further article types listed under 'addiitonal filters'; for example, case reports, evaluation studies, (practice) guidelines, technical reports, validation studies and specific phases of trials.  To view all article type options, you may need to click the arrows keys on your keyboard. 

    Once you have selected your additional filter option(s), click SHOW so that your options will appear alongside the main filter options to the left of your search results.  Finally, you need to click the box next to each option that you want to activate in order to refine your search results.

  • Note of caution! The next time you search PubMed, you may need to click 'Reset all filters' to clear the settings from your previous search.

Example of PubMed filters

PubMed filters.