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Politics, Languages and International Studies: Search the literature

Recommended reading

To find a recommended book, journal or article, use the Library Catalogue.To research a subject area use the specialist Library databases listed below.  


New to a topic?

Reference works, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, can be a good place to start.

Finding literature

The following databases are listed from broad subject disciplines to the multidisciplinary.
  • When you find a reference of interest, click on links to find out whether the Library provides access to the full document, either online or within the Library's print collection. 
  • Try Learning at Bath for help with search skills and evaluating what you find.

Find newspaper articles

Search for theses and working papers

For postgraduates and researchers. the following are useful resources for theses and working papers.

Find archival collections

New books

Democracy Hacked
Europe Reset
Future Politics
War, Women, and Power
Religion and International Security
The Routledge Handbook of East European Politics
The Political Class
Introduction to International Relations
National Populism
Democracy Against Neoliberalism in Argentina and Brazil
Jihad As Grand Strategy
US Foreign Policy
Postcolonial France and Its Futures
War from the ground up
Technology and World Politics
Spoiling the Peace?
Parliament's Secret War
The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict
Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race
Gender, Power and Political Speech
Translating as a Purposeful Activity 2nd Edition

Need to find more?

The following resources are useful for in-depth searching or additional sources, such as finding out about research methods.

Finding literature: film, languages, international studies

The following resources cover tracing literature to finding video clips and programmes.

The following resources help trace foreign language materials.

The following resources cover a variety of literature related to specific countries or themes.

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Choose a research method

There are different types of research requiring different methodologies and considerations. Sage Research methods is a good starting point. To find additional literature try the library catalogue and databases such as Web of Science and Scopus.

Surveys of public opinion, attitudes, values & behaviours

What If the Library does not have the materials you need?