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CINAHL: Saving search results

Selecting and saving search results

When you retrieve search results in a database, we highly recommend that you:

  • Select any individual search results that are of potential value to your work.  
  • Save multiple back-up copies of those selected results in various locations (e.g. email, USB stick, hard drive). Even experienced researchers can lose information and you need good records of all the sources of information you use in order to avoid plagiarism!
  • When you save a result in a database, you save its core bibliographic details (title, author, journal, keywords and possibly an abstract) rather than its full content.

How to select and save results in CINAHL:

  • Click/select the folder icon on the right-hand side of each individual result(s) of interest. The icon appears next to the magnifying glass icon. Once all your results of interest are selected, click the other folder icon (located along the top of the screen).

  • Now you are in the ‘folder’ screen, click the box next to each listed result if you still wish to save it. Note: the selected results only remain in your folder for the duration of your current search session so it's advisable to save them elsewhere, as soon as possible, using more than one option presented in the right-hand column as follows:

    Click 'save as file' to save your select folder of results to a drive of your choice (e.g. USB, cloud etc.). If you can't locate the file you've created, it may be sitting in your device's downloads folder. You can also email the results to yourself (after clicking the envelope icon), or click 'export' and then click the option to send them to a reference management tool such as EndNote: guide to using EndNote.

    Exporting saved articles from 'My Folder'