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Web Searching: Top Tips

Informing students on how to carry out effective web searches

Top tips for web searching

Resolving the issue of 'site not found'.

You can shorten the URL of the website you are searching for to the last forward slash and occasionally this will find the home page of the website and you can search for the exact page you were looking for.

Configuring your homepage and bookmarking

You should be able to edit your browser's homepage to add your most useful websites for quick access. You can also bookmark pages so that you can easily retrieve them again.

Put important keywords first in your search

Search engines will look for all of the words in your search but will prioritise the first words.

Mobile apps for searching multiple search engines 

  • Just Search - you can switch between different search engines and pin your favourites.
  • picTrove - searches images.

Further reading: Bradley, P. 2017. Expert Internet Searching. 5th edition. London: Facet Publishing.