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Finding Science and Engineering Data: Home

A guide to sources for Science and Engineering data, with a particular emphasis on the Knovel Library database

What is science and engineering data?

Data is the product of research and is often found in data files or data sets. Data can be interpreted or analysed to answer a specific question.
  • Scientific and engineering data is usually collected through controlled experiments (e.g. in a lab), observation or use of instruments in the field, or via computer simulations
  • Statistics are based on data and usually appear in tables or in more visual formats such as graphs or charts. They may appear as numbers or percentages and are used to answer questions based on the data, or to summarise or interpret it

Approved data or research data sets?

This guide is primarily intended to help you find approved data and data sets, i.e. data collected and confirmed by other engineers and scientists, published in books, found via databases or on the internet. The main focus is a detailed exploration of Knovel Library, a powerful database for finding scientific and engineering data.

Finding and reusing existing research datasets

Explore our guide to Finding and reusing research datasets. This includes discipline specific resources for scientists and engineers as well as:

Examples of traditional data books


Finding data using Knovel Library

Knovel is our major subscription database for scientific and engineering data. This guide focuses on the main search features and functionality.

Finding data using Knovel: a self-paced interactive tutorial. A c15 minute tutorial and quiz covering the following:

  • Searching for content using topic keywords
  • Searching for specific data
  • ​Manipulating interactive data
  • Materials Property tool

Our second quiz will test your ability to find data in Knovel. Make sure to complete the above introductory tutorial first!

Advanced Knovel quiz for scientitst and engineers. c15-20 minutes.

  • Test your ability to browse and search for data 
  • Test your ability to manipulate interactive data

Official Knovel video introduction (4min 35s)

Additional databases for scientific and engineering data

This guide focuses on Knovel Library which is a powerful tool for finding scientific and engineering data. The following databases and website also contain data but are not explored in depth in this guide: