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Referencing guide: EndNote desktop

How do I access EndNote Desktop?

There are two options for accessing EndNote Desktop:

  • EndNote Desktop is freely available on the University network and is accessible on-campus on any University-managed PC.  If off-campus, you can access it using a UniApps connection. If you use the networked copy, you will need to transfer your stored references to another tool (e.g. EndNote Online) just before completing your course or contract. Otherwise, you will lose access to those references once you have left the University. 
  • The University of Bath has a site licence which allows you to download EndNoteX9 to your own device: this will enable you to import references (from EndNote) into Word without having to be online. It will also enable you to store your references in perpetuity. 

MAC users: please note that currently, the "Cite While You Write" plug-in does not work properly with Office 2016 Word although there are potential workaround solutions that you might like to try implementing.

Guides and training

Computing Services run EndNote Desktop training events for staff and research postgraduates: 

Note: Doctoral Students should sign up to these sessions via the Moodle page for the Doctoral Skills programme (link below):

Other training resources are also available:

Help and support

For any other enquiries, contact the Computing Services IT Trainer, Lydia Maskell, or the IT training team.

Purchasing and using your own copy

You may prefer to purchase your own copy of EndNote Desktop. This option will enable you to retain your references in perpetuity without needing to transfer them.

Style files

To use the Library's custom Harvard (Bath) with EndNote Desktop on your own PC/laptop, you will need to save the Harvard (Bath) style file to your styles folder. To do this, find the EndNote Style folder on your device and drop/paste the style file into it. This should make 'Harvard (Bath) immediately visible in your list of style options in EndNote. Note that the file may have automatically saved to your downloads folder. 

You can also download the following:

A Bath version of the Journal of Sports Sciences style file:

And a corrected version of the journal reference style for Photochemical Photobiological Sciences: