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What is Eikon

Eikon is a specialist database from Thomson Reuters.  It is an integrated news, content and analytic trading platform which allows you to monitor the markets and perform in-depth research.  The stock market data is delayed by 15 minutes.  It is is accessed via two computers on Level 5 of the Library and on a suite of computers in WH1.26.  

How to access Eikon

Eikon is only accessible via specific computers with special software. The guide below provides full instructions on how to find and log into Eikon.

We expect you to use the Library’s guides and videos and to work through the Thomson Reuters training. The materials provided by Thomson Reuters will help to make you proficient in searching Eikon. In addition you can choose to undertake the certification for Eikon to show your competence to a future employer.

Eikon help

Guides from Thomson Reuters:


If you have problems finding the data you need, use the online help form provided by Thomson Reuters.