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Library Document Delivery Services: Bath Copies


The Library offers a request service for copies of journal articles and book chapters from our print collections. These are scanned, processed by optical character recognition software so screen readers can read them, and then sent to your University email address. The service is open to all students and staff of the University of Bath and to External Members of the Library.

How do I make a request?

Before submitting your request, please check that your request falls within copyright law limits, being:

  • One single chapter from a book 
  • One single article from a journal issue
  • 5% of the publication (with page range included)
  1. Search the Library Catalogue for the title from which you would like a digitised extract. 
  2. Ensure that you are logged in.
  3. Click on the Shelf Locations tab.
  4. Click on the Bath Copies scan link in the request options.
  5. In the Pages to scan/article citation field enter the following details article/chapter title, page numbers, volume, issue (failure to provide these details may lead to a delay in processing your request or in your request being rejected). 
  6. Select a date from the Not Needed After calendar (please allow at least 3 working days). 
  7. Read the copyright declaration and then tick the box below.
  8. Finally, click the Request button option to submit your request.


Can I scan material myself?

Yes. Scanning is free for students and staff. The Printing, Copying and Scanning Guide will explain how to scan.

If you are on campus, this option will be faster than requesting a Bath Copy.

I need more than one chapter. What should I do?

Due to copyright restrictions we can only scan one chapter from a book. If you need more than this allowance you will need to make a reservation to consult the book as a whole. Instructions on how to make a reservation can be found here.

Can I make a Bath Copies request for material the Library holds electronically?

No. Bath Copies can only be fulfilled from the Library's print holdings. 

Why was my request rejected?

Requests are rejected when they have exceeded the restrictions imposed by copyright law (5% or one chapter). A request could also be rejected if the date needed by has expired, if the book has gone missing from the shelves or if the citation needs more information in the notes field (Chapter number, pages, etc.).

If you want to query a specific request, please contact a member of the Bath Document Delivery team

What should I do if the material I need isn't available on the Library Catalogue?

You will need to request the material via the Inter-Library Loans service. Information about the Inter-Library Loans service and how to make a request can be found here

Can I share my Bath Copies scan with my classmates/students?

No. Bath Copies are for your personal and private study only. If the chapter/article is required for teaching (e.g., appears on a reading list) then lecturers should make a Library Scanning Service for academic staff request

How do Alumni and External Members make a request? 

External and Alumni members are welcome to use the Bath Copies Service. Please download and complete this form and send to the Bath Copies Team

Are Bath Copies faster than reservations? 

Bath Copies and reservations are placed in the same queuing system. The system operates on a first come first served basis so one is not necessarily faster than the other. 

Will my request be processed over weekends and holidays?

The Bath Copies service is staffed Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. Requests placed outside of these times or during Bank and University Holidays will be dealt with on the next working day. 


Contact us.


Tel: +44 (0)1225 386583

Post: The Library, 2.15, University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK