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Datastream help guides and videos: Home

Datastream option in study skills booking formIMPORTANT : Note that there is currently NO access to Datastream or Eikon.  The School of Management is organising the switch to Refinitiv Workspace this month. Details about access will be released once they are known. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Datastream is a specialist database from Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters).  It provides current and historical coverage of data for international companies dating back to the 1960s. It includes company accounts and ratios, equity and capital market data, interest and exchange rate data, plus economic and industrial statistics.  It is is accessed via two computers on Level 5 of the Library near the library catalogue PCs.

Book to use the Datastream PCs using the study skills booking system as shown.


How to access Datastream

Datastream is only accessible via specific PCs with special software. The guide below provides full instructions on how to find and log into Datastream. See also the Logging into Datastream video and other tutorials in the video guide section.

We expect you to use the Library’s guides and videos and to work through the Refinitiv training. The materials provided by Refinitiv will help to make you proficient in searching Datastream. In addition you can choose to undertake the certification for Datastream to show your competence to a future employer.

Datastream help

Guides provided by the Library:

Note that printed reference copies are kept by the Datastream computers in the Library.

Videos demonstrating the use of Datastream: Once you've successfully logged into Datastream we recommend watching the 'companies and equities' video.  This provides a good introduction to searching Datastream as it explains the search process in more detail then the other videos. 

If you have problems finding the data you need, we advise you to contact the Library with your enquiry and we will forward this to Refinitiv on your behalf.  It is important that your enquiry is detailed, explaining actually what help you need, what data you are trying to find and including screen shots to help to demonstrate any problems you experience.  You can use the online help form provided by Refinitiv but they might suggest you to submit your enquiry via the Library.

Eikon and Datastream and training from Refinitiv